Debate Café: #MeToo, after the Eye of the Storm, on Tuesday 29 October

Now, two years after the start of #MeToo, it is important to see where we stand. When do we speak of sexual harassment? Where do we draw the line? Has anything changed? What can we do to prevent and fight it?

These, and many more issues, will be discussed during the Debate Café on Tuesday 29 October at 20.00. The event takes place at the Dominicanen Bookshop, Dominicanerkerkstraat 1. Entrance is free.

When we first heard of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse, many thought this was something typical for the American film industry. But #MeToo, that has become a strong force for equality, showed that this behavior of the powerful was all around. Have we been ignorant? Did we look away too often thinking it all isn’t that bad?

In this debate we not only take a broad perspective but also address the issue within the university community. We want to talk about inequality in society in general, but also translate this to the working environment and more specific the academic world. We want to look at what can be done about it (culture, policy, law, putting it on the table, awareness) up to the personal level (psychology, help, law, understanding).

The panel members are: Linda Duits, Laila Ait Baali, Gesa Lange, Puck Barton and Sanne Thijssen.

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