DIAS weekly recommendations: Communities of The Qur’an

Why should there be consensus in the 21st century when throughout history believers from Cairo to Baghdad have agreed to disagree? How do modern communities of the Quran relate to the Quran?

In Communities of The Qur’an: Dialogue, Debate, and Diversity in the 21st Century various textual scholars attempt to answer this question and to revive an “ethics of disagreement” by foregrounding the diversity of modern Muslim communities.

Communities of The Qur’an: Dialogue, Debate, and Diversity in the 21st Century evolved from a conference into a book edited by Emran El-Badawi and Paula Sanders and published in 2019. It presents how ten different communities, both Muslim and non-Muslim, relate to and interpret a single scripture: the Quran. Reviewing how African Americans, Nizari Ismaili, Feminists, and LGBTQ – among others – engage with the holy book of Islam, Communities of The Qur’an showcases the plurality of modern Muslim communities.

In the DIAS working group, one of our concerns is diversity. Therefore, it is with no surprise that this book struck an immediate interest. Concise and informative, Communities of The Qur’an foregrounds disagreement and dialogue and is an attempt to grasp the actual complexity and diversity of communities of the Quran in the 21st century. DIAS members recommend this piece to whoever is interested in getting an overview of the increasingly diverse Muslim community around the globe.

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