Evaluations during corona times

Especially during this insecure period, in which most of us experience extra pressure, we do opt for conducting evaluations because we greatly value views and experiences of all persons involved in education. Through performing the next evaluations, we hope to gain good insight into the dynamics of our online education process, which we are creating together every day.

Please read below for more information on course evaluations in times of online education.

Course evaluations periods 4 and 5

The standard IWIO questionnaire is conducted at the end of these periods for students to evaluate courses. Changes to the period 5 IWIO questionnaire will be as follows: only the standard questions will be offered, questions about individual teachers will be removed. Processing of the information will also take place in the usual way.

Course evaluations by teaching staff will be performed filling out the 1pager. The 1pager for period 5 courses should contain questions about online teaching experiences in order to create the opportunity to reflect on changes that have taken place. These supplementary questions could e.g. be split up into: preparation, use of technicalities, communication, course content, time, student guidance, attendance. An example will be provided to programme directors and course coordinators by Cindy Liebregts from EDaP. The course evaluations 1pagers will be inquired at the end of period 5. A summary of the online teaching experiences at FASoS will be communicated at UM level.

Exam evaluations in periods 4 and 5

The cluster Educational Development and Policy will organise two focus group evaluation meetings with the Student Representatives. Questions for the evaluation of online examination will be the regular IWIO exam questions added by questions focused on the online experience. A summary report of these meetings will be written and shared with all stakeholders.

Student evaluation of online education

All UM faculties are currently evaluating the online teaching and learning experiences by students and staff. At FASoS it has been decided that we want to ask students to regularly fill out a Qualtrics evaluation survey in weeks 2, 5 and 8 of period 5. There will be a fixed, short reaction term of only 5 days. This with the purpose to speedily inquire and process information. The link to reach the survey on online education will be published on the Student Portal and in the Student Edition of the FASoS Weekly of the concerning weeks. A summary of the main points will be communicated to all stakeholders on the FASoS intranet.

For questions or support concerning evaluations please contact Cindy Liebregts (EDaP).

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