FASoS call for SEO Additional Research Hours

FASoS opens a call for its staff to apply for SEO (Stimulating European Research) Additional Research Hours. You can apply to track 2-5:

  • Buy-out for resubmissions of well-evaluated grant applications (track 2)
  • Collaborate on new Horizon2020 applications (track 3)
  • Prepare an ERC application (track 4)
  • Continuous applications to prepare Marie Curie visiting fellow applications (track 5)

The application deadline (track 2-4) is Wednesday 20 April.

Due to the government’s regulation “Stimulating European Research” (SEO), we are presently receiving a reward for EU funding successes.

There will be five tracks for SEO funds

  1. reward for the researcher(s) who was/were successful in Horizon 2020 (or ITNs) and thanks to whom we receive the SEO funds (track 1)
  2. buy-outs to rework and resubmit grant proposals that were evaluated well above threshold* (track 2)
  3. buy-outs to collaborate on new Horizon2020 applications (track 3)
  4. buy-outs to prepare an ERC application (track 4)
  5. to prepare Marie Curie visiting fellow applications (track 5)

*‘Well above threshold’: For H2020 Marie Curie (both ITN as well as individual fellowships) proposals 85 points or higher; H2020 ERC proposals: score A; H2020 LEIT or SC proposals 13 points or higher. For NWO final score ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.


This document defines a procedure to grant SEO research hours to FASoS employees. This procedure is independent of the existing additional research time policy, adopted by the Faculty Board on 16-03-2016.

  • For SEOS, track 1, only those researchers thanks to whom we receive the SEO funds can apply.
  • SEOS, track 2-4, have one deadline for applications per year: 20 April.
  • For SEOS, track 5, there is no specific deadline; applications can be made at any time, and FASoS weekly will inform about this track twice a year.

All applications have to be sent to the research policy officer Lidwien Hollanders.

How to apply?

First step: discuss your plans with your research programme director.

Next: you need to submit:

  • an updated CV
  • a proposal (max. 5 pages) how you want to spend your additional research hours, which includes:
    • the goal of your additional research hours,
    • a statement that demonstrates the match with the focus point of your respective research programme,
    • a time plan,
    • a description of the planned results (e.g. article, research application),
    • a budget
  • Additionally for track 5 applications only: a short statement by the director of one of the research groups with her/his explicit support of your application.

Decision procedure and criteria

For SEOS, track 5 applications, OTO will write an advice to FB regarding all proposed applications. The advice + proposals shall be submitted to the Faculty Board for approval.

For SEOS, tracks 2-4, decisions will be taken in a combined meeting that brings together:

  • the dean
  • the associate dean for research
  • the heads of department
  • the research group directors

This meeting will have to be scheduled around May 11, respectively.

The criteria for deciding on granting additional research hours are:

  • Quality of the proposal (goal that you set yourself; evidence that the support will improve the quality of your planned output; feasibility of plan);
  • Match with one of the focus points of your respective research programme
  • Clear plan how your teaching or administrative obligations will be replaced;
  • In case of a funding proposal: the chances for success.

As a researcher, you need to write a short report at the latest six months after its end. In this report, please describe how you have used your additional research time and if you have achieved your goals. Please send this report to the research policy officer Lidwien Hollanders.

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