FASoS’ first human to be interviewed: Vincent Lagendijk

Vincent Lagendijk is assistant professor in history at FASoS. What he does in his free time? He goes cycling, running, and occasionally plays basketball (which might not be surprising to those who know him).

I met Vincent for a coffee at Banditos. Once I poured sugar in my cappuccino, Vincent gasped: “why would you do that?” It immediately became clear to me that I had stumbled upon a real coffee lover.

Vincent owns not one, not two, not even three, but eight different coffee machines. When he goes on longer holidays, he takes one of his espresso machines with him. When he goes on a short trip, he brings his portable AeroPress coffee maker. On a daily basis, Vincent drinks 8 cups of coffee, ranging from espressos to café lattes. “As a PhD student, I drank even more coffee. My coffee intake was also considerably higher when my kids were younger”.

Vincent jokingly says that his love for the pure taste of coffee runs so deep that when he has guests over who ask for sugar in their coffee, he lets them go into the kitchen to get it themselves. He also recalls an incident when strolling through the streets of Maastricht with his wife when he had only just started working at FASoS: “someone waved at me from a distance. My wife asked me whether it was one of my colleagues that had just waved at me. I had to tell her it was one of the shop assistants at Blanche Dael…”

Keep an eye on your email: Vincent has nominated two colleagues for the next Humans of FASoS who will be contacted soon.

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