FASoS selection: NWO PhD positions in the Humanities 2017

Are you a professor in our faculty and have you spotted a talented Humanities student who has obtained or is currently finishing his or her master’s degree (especially a Research Master’s)? Are you a talented master’s student and are you interested in pursuing a PhD programme in the Humanities? The first internal FASoS deadline for applications for the NWO funding programme PhD programmes in the Humanities is Monday 19 December.

The NWO programme finances individual PhD positions in the humanities. FASoS is allowed to nominate a limited number of PhD candidates to NWO. NWO makes the final selection and decides who will actually receive the grant. Candidates are scouted and selected at FASoS through an internal procedure. If you are interested in this grant, make sure to get informed about the faculty’s internal procedure!

Two types of PhD positions can be applied for in the programme PhDs in the Humanities:
• standard PhD positions (4 years, 1 fte or 5 years, 0.8 fte)
• PhD positions for lecturers (5 years, 0.5 fte)

Proposals can only be submitted for PhD-candidates who are selected by the dean of FASoS. For this purpose, FASoS has established an internal selection procedure coordinated by the Graduate School Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee shortlists the candidates; the dean makes the final decision on nomination to NWO. NWO makes the final selection and decides who will actually receive the grant.

Proposals should clearly fall within the range of humanities disciplines. Proposals from the social science side of the faculty can be considered if they have a clear emphasis on humanities research. A proposal consists of a research project AND a candidate AND a supervisor. The supervisor of the PhD-candidate (i.e. a full professor, or a professor with an endowed/special chair) acts as the main applicant of the proposal.

It is highly advisable that the candidate possesses a research master. FASoS is free to propose candidates “who have not completed a two-year master’s research degree but are of a comparable level”, but it can be assumed that having completed a ReMA will be a clear plus in the CV of a candidate.

The GS Admissions Committee has made a list of helpful pointers for applicants based on previous experiences with evaluations in FASoS and at NWO, to help them with preparing the grant application.

Candidates from FASoS who want to apply for NWO PhDs in the Humanities should take part in the selection procedure by the faculty outlined below.

The final deadline for submitting proposals to NWO will be early March, 2017.

Most important deadlines are:

• December 19, 2016, 12:00h: FASoS deadline for submission of draft proposals to the GS Admissions Committee
• January 17, 2017: ranking by GS Admission Committee on proposals
• January 25, 2017: selection of proposals by Dean / Faculty Board
• January 26 – early March, 2017: feedback GS on selected proposals
• Early March, 2017: submission of proposals to NWO by main applicant (= professor). NWO takes the final decision on who will actually receive the grant.

Contact person for the faculty selection procedure is Merle Achten, research funding advisor.

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