Guidelines for messages in the FASoS Weekly

How to submit a message

You can submit your message by completing the submission form. In order to prevent reader fatigue messages will only be posted once, unless there is a good reason to repeat it a second time.

Specify the group or groups that should receive this message:

  • FASoS bachelor’s students
  • FASoS master’s students

Messages should be submitted before 17.00 on Wednesday; the FASoS Weekly is sent on Thursday afternoon. Messages received after 17.00 on Wednesday will be published in the FASoS Weekly the week after.

Message content and format

Messages should be relevant to students, about UM or faculty matters. All messages have to be submitted in English. Messages in any another language will not be published; the sender will be asked to re-submit the message in English for next week’s edition. All messages are edited for correct use of the English language (not the attachments). It is at the discretion of the FASoS Weekly editors to edit the messages as they see fit.

Messages for the FASoS weekly should not exceed 450 characters (including spaces). There is an option to publish more text in the read more section. It is also possible to include a link to further information. This can be a URL, email address and/or description of where to find more information (for example in the Student Portal, intranet, etc.). PDF files, pictures and/or logos can also be included. We need to receive pictures in .jpg or .jpeg format and the size of the pictures should be 180 x 220 pixels.

Please note that education-related material (such as course registration deadlines and other education-related issues) cannot be shared in the FASoS Weekly. These should be shared on Canvas (please reach out to for more information).

Messages from a third party (i.e. unrelated to FASoS) will not be accepted, even when on topics such as career events, internships, job adverts, surveys or thesis related. Third party messages are accepted only from those who collaborate closely with a FASoS department or a FASoS linked study association, and the message must be submitted by a contact at FASoS or a FASoS study association. Please note that the FASoS Weekly cannot promote any bachelor’s/master’s programmes outside of the UM.

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