IT facilities issues

Two issues were mentioned by multiple staff members in the survey about IT-facilities. In anticipation of the outcome of the survey we would already like to give an explanation concerning these two issues.

Click on ‘read the entire article on the website’ to read the update on the issues.

Slow log-in to computers in tutorial rooms
The problem occurs mainly on computers where one has never logged in before. The computer has to generate a new ‘user profile’ which takes time. You can work around this by logging in with the guest-fdcw account (and bring your presentation on a USB stick). ICTS recently updated all computers to the latest Windows 10 version and, according to ICTS, this should improve the log-in time. However, in reality we do not see a noticeable difference. At the moment there is also a pilot with new smart screens which could replace the current setup (computer + projector) in the tutorial rooms. If this pilot is a success smart screens will be placed in all tutorial rooms. Staff will be consulted in this final decision.

Cables disconnected/ disappearing in tutorial rooms
Staff also mention that the computers sometimes don’t work because cables are disconnected or cables have disappeared. The equipment in the tutorial rooms should work without having to disconnect cables (including connecting a laptop) so please do not disconnect any cables from the computer (including electricity cables) or from the wall sockets. Luckily it does not happen too often that cables are gone completely. Note that a HDMI cable is not standard equipment in a tutorial room (since we leave tutorial rooms unlocked).

If you need assistance or have any urgent problems with the equipment in tutorial rooms please call the reception desk (phone number on the information board next to the PC).

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