Maastricht University gives waste a future

After several pilots, UM is ready to roll out a university-wide waste separation campaign this year. Starting in March, paper, plastic and general waste will be collected in separate bins in all buildings. The separate bins will be placed in all FASoS buildings on Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 March. Our goal is to reduce general waste flows to the bare minimum, and our motto is: ‘Use less. Recycle the rest’. Together we can help to build a healthier future.

Waste sorting and recycling are in line with UM’s ambition to be a green university by 2030.

Waste separation contributes to reducing carbon emissions. UM-wide waste separation, and specifically cutting general waste from 55% to 45% of the total waste flow by 2021, will bring us a significant step closer to achieving that goal.

What does waste sorting within UM entail?
In concrete terms, this means that recycling stations consisting of three bins will be placed in central locations, such as in hallways, break rooms and catering locations. The blue bin is for paper, orange for plastic waste, and grey for general waste. This spells the end for the familiar classroom dustbins, and means you will have to walk a little bit further to dispose of your rubbish.

It is a small effort however, and one that – provided everyone pitches in – will have a huge effect. As we all know, giving recyclable waste a second life helps to minimise the impact waste has on the environment.

What happens to the sorted waste?
The cleaning company collects the waste from the bins and deposits it in the appropriate containers. Then, the waste collector retrieves it and processes it in the recycling centre. Old paper is converted into new paper, as it is the most important raw material for new paper and cardboard. Collecting plastic also pays off. Sorting plastic at the source is necessary if it is to be used to manufacture new products such as fleece clothing, tennis balls and new packaging materials. Finally, general waste is sent to the incinerator.

Do you also want to take up the challenge to help reduce general waste even more? Make sure to throw away your rubbish and to sort it; don’t put valuable raw materials in the general waste bin.

Want to learn more about UM’s new approach to waste separation? Watch the video here!

Click here for more information on waste sorting, or contact Servicepoint Facility Services via email or phone on 82002.

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