Meeting update: Education Management Team

Find out about our work representing you in the Faculty through the Meeting Updates series in the FASoS Weekly. After each Committee meeting, your representative will post an update here so you can follow our progress and keep up with all relevant developments at FASoS.

This week your European Studies Student Representative, Sen Cicalò Ikeda (BA ES, year 3) will tell you about what was discussed in the last OMT meeting.

During the last OMT meeting, there were two very important reminders for the students. Firstly, we remind all students to complete the NSE (National Student Survey). This is a nationwide satisfaction survey that looks into the quality of programmes offered by universities in the Netherlands. The NSE results are published in the so-called Keuzegidsen, a guide that will help prospective students choose their university. If you have not completed this survey yet, please do so. You have received a link in your email.

Secondly, we also remind students to complete the survey on library resources in times of corona to help the Faculty understand how to improve its study materials and spaces in these challenging times. Find the link to the survey here.

After these important reminders, we discussed the national decision to lower BSA standards in light of the current didactic challenges all universities are currently witnessing. This means that all first-year bachelor’s students from FASoS that enrolled in 2020 will now have to earn a minimum of 36 credits to have a positive BSA. This change is indeed welcomed as it acknowledges the difficulties students are currently going through aiming to concretely support them during this pandemic.

Following that, we also talked about teaching in Period 5. Although no decision has been taken yet concerning whether we will have online or hybrid teaching activities, the general feeling is one geared towards allowing to have some on-campus teaching. Nonetheless, as we do not know if or when a new national lockdown will be enforced, the Faculty will prepare different strategies to both try to ensure good quality teaching and adapt quickly to potential restrictive measures. We will be able to tell you more after the next OMT on the 10 March. Stay tuned!

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