Motor enthusiast Simon Vogel

The perfect day according to Simon Vogel, Team Leader of the Exams Office?

Sunlit, on one of his motors, off to the Ardennes. Just him, the two wheels underneath him, and his thoughts.

He was 9 when he got his first moped. His family’s vacation home in the Ardennes had a large private territory with paved roads, ideal to cross around. He has fond memories of this vacation house and its surroundings and he therefore prefers to take his motor to the Ardennes.

“Riding a motorcycle is my biggest hobby. I have three motors; one really fast one, a superbike and a motocross motorcycle. I love taking my KTM motor for a ride on a sunny day. Because I must admit: I’m a good-weather driver. Driving a motorcycle in the rain is extremely dangerous. And I don’t drive the motorcycle to get from point A to point B, I use it to wander, and to ponder. I used to be into fast cars, but since the speed limit in the Netherlands has gone down even more, it is no fun anymore. Having a fast car then only makes sense when I drive to my mother who lives in Germany, but I don’t get the same kick out of it anymore. I think part of me grew over wanting driving places full throttle – in a car, that is.”

Simon grew up with outdoor other-than-usual sports. He was born and raised in Friesland and his parents had a boat, which they took out on weekends. “That’s the one thing I miss about Friesland: the water. I know that Maastricht has the Maas, but it’s so much different. You can basically only go up or down it. In Friesland, we would take the boat to the Snekermeer, the Biesbosch, or the old Rhine. We would spend weeks on that boat, and it’s really one of my favourite childhood memories. But nothing beats riding a motorcycle.”

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