Moving out soon? Find a new home for your belongings

The end of the academic year is approaching and you probably wonder how to get rid of the furniture and all the things you’ve accumulated during years in Maastricht. For this reason, the FASoS Green Impact team would like to give you a hand finding a new home for your belongings. Everything can be recycled, upcycled or simply donated.

Below you can find a helpful list of addresses that will be useful to avoid unnecessary production of waste!

First things first, the furniture. Don’t simply leave your Ikea bed in the basement of your student house, but bring it to the Kringloop. It is the Alibaba cave of Maastricht and they are interested in every piece of second-hand furnitures you can give.

For kitchen items and other tools, contact the student initiative the Library of Things. They welcome donations of any item that is useful in everyday life, for example a handsaw or an ironing board.

For books, you can bring them to the reading shelf at the Tapijn Learning Center. And if you kept printed out readings from previous courses, you can bring those to the printed out readings shelf in the FASoS common room (GG76s).

If you have too many clothes and you want to avoid extra cost for additional luggage, there are many solutions to give a second life to your clothes! You can either donate them to a charity shop such as Terre des Hommes, or find one of the container from the organization Aktie68.

And last but not least, if food waste also drives you crazy, you can empty your kitchen cupboards and donate what you have left to Food Sharing. Their fridges are located close to Tapijn, in the EdLAB building.

And if after all these tips you can’t find someone interested in your leftover things, you can still rely on Facebook and the famous group Sharing is Caring to find a new owner for your porcelain cups and other things found in your room.

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