New UM Platform Human- and non-human Animal Relations, and Interactions

Leonie Cornips (FASoS) and Pim Martens (ICIS) invite staff and students of all faculties to join the new interfaculty and interdisciplinary UM Platform on Human- and Non-Human Relations, and Interactions (HARI). This Platform will bring together researchers, teachers and students in the domain of anthrozoology and other research areas that relate to our relations and interactions with animals.

The first meeting will be on 28 March, 15.00-17.00 at FASoS in room 1.17, Grote Gracht 76.

There is a lack of scholarly attention given to our relation with non-human animals, e.g. in cultural, societal, linguistic, legal, ontological, cognitive, psychic, psychological, interactional, sustainable, political, health and care, science and engineering, business and economical, philosophical connections. Rather than a unified approach, the field currently consists of several methods adapted from the several participating disciplines to encompass human-nonhuman animal relationships. It is an interdisciplinary field that overlaps with other disciplines.

Aims of this Platform are targeted to four pillars i.e. research, education, external funding and international embedding, in particular:

  • To create an inspiring environment for UM staff and students that work or aspires to work with this theme;
  • To create an overview of current activities in animal related work at UM, regarding both research and education
  • To initiate a community of people with similar research interests, that can act as a knowledge base at UM for submitting projects, developing teaching modules, for connecting internally, and to react to relevant societal issues.
  • Meeting frequencies and further setup of the platform will be discussed in the first meeting.

To participate in this Platform, please email

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  1. I am interested in this platform as an artist filmmaker. Animals are central in my work in terms of perception and experience. In my latest two films they are the main cast. As important part of my films I do research to typical behavior , brain structure, smell hearing and listening that is exemplary for the animal(s) that I work with. I spend a lot of time with them before the shooting (film). I am working on two next projects and would be delighted to discuss this with your group of people and students.

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