New weekly series: FASoSFoodies

We are starting a new weekly series in which FASoS students and staff tell us what their favourite national dish is. This week we start with Nicolle from Colombia.

Nicolle is a 22 year old student at our faculty. She is originally from a city called Manizalez in Colombia. As a child she moved to Germany and when she was 18 she moved to New York City for three months. She now lives in Maastricht where she found her passion in European Studies.

When we asked her which country she called home, she immediately said ‘Colombia’, but Germany has a place in her heart too. Her favorite dish from the country that she calls home is the Colombian dish ‘Arroz costeño’. This is a salmon dish with coconut cream and coconut rice, accompanied with a salad of avocado, tomatoes, lemon and coriander. She also loves ‘Patacon’ which are twice fried plantain slices, which go perfectly with the dish. She told us that the dish is not the same without a fresh mango juice. ‘Arroz costeño’ is a difficult dish to make, ‘I finally mastered the dish when I was traveling in Colombia, a mom of my friend’s taught me.’ Nicolle loves cooking and trying out different types of food. ‘My mom is also a passionate cook, we love cooking together!’
When we asked her what she misses most about the food from home, she immediately said: ‘the fruits’! She told us that when she wakes up in Colombia she walks in the garden and picks the most exotic fruits for breakfast. Papaya’s, Mango’s, Berries, ‘we have the most exotic fruits in our garden at my family’s home in Colombia.’

She told us that Manizalez is one of ‘the coffee region’s’ in Colombia. The area where her family lives has large coffee plantations in the neighborhood, which could explain her consumption of up to 7 cups of coffee a day.

If you are in the mood for some authentic Colombian bread, please keep reading because Nicolle even makes her own ‘Pandebonos’! If you want more information about this you can contact her via:

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