NWO programme PhDs in the Humanities – Internal nomination procedure

Are you a talented last year ReMa’s student and interested in doing PhD in the Humanities? Are you a professor in our faculty and have you spotted a talented humanities student who has done or is in his/her last year of a ReMa?

Then the NWO funding programme PhDs in the Humanities might be it for you!

FASoS is allowed to nominate 3 fte of candidates to NWO. NWO makes the final selection and decides who will actually receive the grant. Candidates are scouted and selected at FASoS through an internal procedure.

If you are interested in this grant, make sure to get informed about the faculty’s internal procedure! Most important to know: first deadline for submission of applications is December 3, 2012.

NWO programme PhDs in the Humanities Internal nomination procedure


NWO wants to increase the number of PhD promotions in the humanities and therefore has started a call Promoties in de Geesteswetenschappen (PhDs in the humanities). Two types of PhD positions can be applied for:

·                      standard PhD positions

·                      PhD positions for lecturers

Proposals can only be submitted for PhD-candidates who are selected by deans of the faculties involved in the Sustainable Humanities initiative (as FASoS is). For this purpose, the research programmes of FASoS shortlist candidates for consideration by the Graduate School Board (GSB). The GSB then selects the candidates; the dean makes the final decision. FASoS is allowed to nominate 3 fte of candidates to NWO. NWO makes the final selection and decides who will actually receive the grant.

The definition of “humanities” is up to the submitting faculty. That means that proposals from the social sciences side of the faculty can be considered, but this should be done with great caution! The proposals should clearly fall within the range of humanities disciplines (when in doubt, please consult our research funding advisor). Proposals consist of a project AND a candidate AND a supervisor. The professor supervisor of the PhD-candidate acts as the main applicant of the proposal.

It is highly advisable that the candidate possesses a research master.  FASoS is free to propose candidates “who have not completed a two-year master’s research degree but who have acquired a comparable level”, but having completed a ReMA will be a clear plus in the CV of a candidate.

This year, the call will be published by NWO on November 1, 2012.

The internal, faculty deadline for submitting proposals will be December 3, 2012.

The final deadline for submitting proposals at NWO will be March 1, 2013.

Internal procedure

Candidates are scouted and selected at FASoS through the following procedure:

1.    Writing applications  (September-December 3, 2012)

Candidates and prospected supervisors who want to write a proposal are advised to start writing as early as possible and not to wait until the call is published. NWO has assured us that the guidelines will remain roughly the same as last year, so one can look already at last year’s call for some general guidelines. For writing the proposal, applicants should call upon the assistance of

·                      The research funding advisor  (Merle Achten)

·                      the financial administrator (Sanne Winkens-gartener)

·                      the research panel (‘expertise panel’) (Andreas Fickers)

2.    Publication of the call (November 1, 2012)

Publication of the call by NWO.

3.    Submission of applications (December 3, 2012)

Prospected supervisors and candidates submit their proposal to the director of the research programme in which they participate with a cc to the research policy office.

Applications should

·                      follow the guidelines from NWO

·                      consist of a project AND a candidate AND a supervisor.

·                      candidates should have made use of the expertise of

-the research funding advisor

-the financial administrator

-the research panel

4.    Shortlist by Programme directors (December 14, 2012)

-Each research programme director shortlists a maximum of 3 candidates.

5.    Reviewing/pre-selecting application (January 8, 2012)

-The Graduate School Board (GSB) and the Research director pre-select the best candidates from these shortlists on the basis of the NWO criteria, i.e.

·                      the CV and skills of the candidate

·                      the quality of the proposal

-TTT he Graduate School co-ordinator advises the GSB in this, but he doesn’t have a vote.

-The GSB and research director offer selected candidates feedback on their proposals. Candidates selected will have until February 18 to revise and fine-tune their proposals on the basis of this advice.

-The selection by the GSB and the research director is offered as an advice to the dean.

6.    Submission of rewritten applications (February 18, 2013)

7.    Final decision by the dean (February 22, 2013)

-The dean takes the final decision on nomination of candidates.

-The GSB, research director, supervisors, and candidates are informed about the deans’ decision by the Research Policy Office.

-The dean sends a letter of endorsement to NWO.

8.    Submission at NWO by prospected supervisors (February 25-March 1, 2013)

-Supervisors of endorsed candidates submit their proposal via IRIS on the site of NWO before the deadline of March 1.

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