Open consulting hour programme accreditation audit

On Friday 31 May 2013, an audit panel on behalf of the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) will visit FASoS to determine if the content, set-up, execution, staffing and assessment of the BA AC programme, the MA ALS/PS programmes and MA AH programme are of sound quality. You can sign up for the audit panel’s open consulting hour until Friday 24 May 2013.

Between 12.30 and 13.15 on Friday 31 May 2013, students, lecturers, and other staff involved in the abovementioned programmes are provided the opportunity to meet the audit panel in the setting of an open consulting hour.
The audit panel’s chair is Prof. dr. Bart Verschaffel (chair), Professor of Theory of Architecture and Architectural criticism at Ghent University, Em. Prof. dr. Hans van Maanen, Emeritus Professor of Arts and Society & Theatre studies at Groningen University and chair of the Art Council Groningen, Prof. dr. Geert Lernout, Professor of Comparative Literature studies at Antwerp University and director of the James Joyce Center of Antwerp University, Prof. dr. Michael Astroh, Professor of Philosophy/Aesthetics and Cultural philosophy at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald, Prof. dr. Susan Legêne, Professor of Political History at the VU Amsterdam, and Sylvia Alting van Gesau, MA (student member), master of Arts studies at the UvA Amsterdam; independent researcher specialised in entertainment culture and visual culture studies.
Those who wish to see the committee on the subject of the quality of the BA AC, MA ALS/PS or MA AH are invited to contact drs. Renate Prenen, secretary of the audit panel. You may then be invited for a brief session – 10 minutes max – with the audit panel.

You can sign up for the audit panel’s open consulting hour until Friday 24 May 2013. Please provide your name, your position at FASoS, and a succinct description of the subject of your intended meeting with the audit panel.

You will receive a reply indicating the venue and the time schedule of the session allotted you.

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