Photographer Eric Bleize

You may have seen his pictures around the faculty. In the poetry booklet and the Strategic Plan, but also in a book created by FASoS staff, titled Unboxed.

Eric Bleize, planner at FASoS, loves to photograph.

He got his first camera when he went into military service in his early 20s. “Back then, cameras weren’t digital yet, but contained films. You could only take 24 pictures on one film so you had to be much more conscious about what you would photograph. Nowadays you can basically press the button on the camera without releasing your finger and take 1000 pictures in 1 minute. The analog way of taking pictures has its charm because you will only know whether your pictures turned out well after you have developed them. But a digital camera is so much easier to use, especially when it comes to editing the pictures.”

After military service, Eric met a girl, got married and had kids. And left his camera aside for years. It was during a faculty outing to Kumulus where he did a photography workshop that he decided to pick up photography again. And so he did! Eric has recently finished art school in Belgium. For the past 5 years, he studied photography two nights per week. He learned about the technicalities behind the use of a digital camera, but also about art history. His graduation project revolved around clocks. He would photograph a clock from 25 different sides while walking around it. He would centre on the clock which would be the only part of the image that would be focused, the rest of the image is blurry.

In April, May and June Eric will be experimenting with exhibiting his photographs. “A former colleague of mine owns a house in the inner city. On the ground floor, she has an exhibition space and she offered me to use the space to exhibit my photographs for 3 months. I have already started making a selection of the photographs I would like to show. I have printed some pictures on Perspex; the clocks in colour and portraits and landscapes in black and white. I’m really excited and interested to see how many people will stop by!”

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