Poetry Contest

Thanks for the positive responses to the poetry contest launched last week. We’ve already had several entries, but please keep sending them to Sally Wyatt.

This week we present ‘A quarantine letter to my parents’ by Lea Beiermann.

A quarantine letter to my parents

I’m holding on to my pen as I write to you.
How is the dog and how much has the garden fence grown?
Time is a double-jointed acrobat in our house. There’s

too much and too little time in the morning, and a faint
taste of bland biscuits when I stand close to the window.
We left the biscuit tin open overnight and now it’s empty.

I glued the birds to the trees in our street, so I could
watch them watch me. Time practises somersaults.

Did you see the Pope throw his special prayer at the rain
and the sirens last night? The rain streaming down, sticky
tears on a wooden Jesus, and I streaming the video.

Just a couple more weeks they say, but I wonder. How many
breakneck tricks will our acrobat learn in a couple more weeks?

Lea Beiermann

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