Poetry, picture and art contest continues

It is clear that our FASoS creativity has not been dampened by the months of corona uncertainty and anxiety. The call Paul and Sally put out last week has already generated several poems, the start of a dystopian novel (what else could it be at the moment), and surrealist photos of the Limburg landscape.

Read on for poems by ‘Anon’, Sally and Josje.

Keep sending your entries to sally.wyatt@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

Good to see that ‘Anon’ is still with us, and has adopted the six-word story form:

How long since the lockdown began?
Disheveled hair to tally the weeks.

Sally is now experimenting with haiku. Those amongst us old enough to remember David Bowie’s Space Oddity will recognise her source of inspiration.

Can you hear me Tom?
Sitting b​ehind my zoom screen
Planet Earth is blue

Parents of young children will certainly recognise Josje’s memories, and are perhaps looking forward to the return of the morning rush.

Josje Weusten


Come on, come on, get up, get up!
Yes, yes, yes! Rise and Shine!
Come on now, first your head
no, no, no. No time to cry or whine;
go down and butter your bread.
Come on, come now, hurry, hurry,
no, no, no. No time to play; stop that chase!
Come, come, go downstairs and butter your bread
Go, go, go, did you girls wash your face?
Hey, did you hear what I said?
No, the chocolate sprinkles are all gone,
now, now, now, you stop pouting,
here, give me that, than I will butter your bread.
No, no, no! No time for tears and howling!
You both want some fruit with that?
It has been seven thirty, really, get going,
no, no, no, now leave each other alone.
Be careful with that! Look what you’ve done:
the milk all spilled;
be careful, is that not what I said?
Yes, yes, yes, that looks just like the moon,
no, really I’m looking at it, really true
Shoes on? Yes, I will help…
Stop shouting… with the laces.
I cannot be in two different places!
Eight thirty, Yes! We’ve made it. Give me a kiss now, off you go.
What? No, I am not angry. Why would you think so?

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