Public debate: Trump, populism and democracy on 8 November (Dutch)

Why are populist politicians like Trump, Wilders, Le Pen, Hofer, Farage, Orban so popular? On Tuesday 8 November at 20.30, Georgi Verbeeck and Darryl Cressman will engage in a public debate on the topic ‘Trump, Populism and Democracy’. The event will take place at Centre Ceramique. Free entrance. Language: Dutch.

On 8 November the Americans go out to (maybe) vote into power one of the most striking candidates ever for the presidency: Donald Trump. His style of doing politics has shocked even his own fellow party members, but to a certain extend it also fits with a Zeitgeist in which ‘the people’ are angry and feel unheard. In this populist politicians like Trump, Wilders, Le Pen, Hofer, Farage, Orban and others are very visible; and their ideas on the functioning of democracies, on safety, and national identities seem to speak to many.

Why are they so popular? How relevant are parallels with the rise of facism in the 1930s? How does their language and style of doing politics influence the political and the public domain? What will the world look like when they will be in power?

These and other questions will be discussed with a.o. Georgi Verbeeck (FASoS/UM) and Lodewijk Dros (Trouw). Darryl Cressman will interfere with breaking news from the US. The discussion will be lead by Simone van Trier.

More information can be found here.

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