Publication of Honours-Programme Article on the Future of the EU

Emma Kessenich, Carlotta Terhorst, Sophie Mary, Paul Denfeld and Mira Seyfettinoglu from the Honours Programme of 2017 have accomplished to publish their article on the European Balcony Project, a Europe-wide citizen-initiative by Prof. Ulrike Guérot. The European Studies and Arts and Culture students were involved in the Honours Programme ‘The Future of the European Union’ supervised by Prof. Vanhoonacker and Prof. Blom, from February to June 2018.

In their seminar, they discussed the White Paper on the future of the EU by the Commission, which showcases five possible future EU scenarios. To make their very own contribution to the European project, the students have collaboratively written an article which sketches out a sixth scenario. Their article, written in a rather journalistic style, is titled ‘A Return to Considering Citizens as the Cornerstone of Democracy. A Sixth Scenario for the Future of Europe’, and highlights one major suggestion: aligning the EU’s priorities with the preferences of EU citizen.

As a follow-up to the completion of the Honours Programme in June, the students have proactively contacted Prof. Ulrike Guérot, who was present in Maastricht for the Ambassador Lecture on ‘The European Republic’. We are proud to have received the news that the students’ article was successfully published on the ‘European Balcony Project’, and hence, made a unique contribution to the citizen initiative by Prof. Guérot.

Congrats to our students who have gained public reach with the collaborative article on the future of the European Union!

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