Regulations for students with COVID-19 issues/housing problems

As of the start of the new academic year, FASoS has been taking several actions to accommodate students struggling with severe COVID-19 related issues or with housing problems. We hope that you are all well and have found a place to stay.

Although COVID-19 less affects daily routines at the faculty, some students may still face unfortunate consequences.

To further accommodate students in period 2, the following regulations are in place:

  • In case you have already been allowed to follow education from an online setting for the entire period 1, because of travel restriction or severe personal COVID-19 related circumstances, the faculty will contact you to assess whether current arrangements need prolongation in period 2.
  • For all other students:
    • When you (still) have severe COVID-19 health related issues, you can request to follow courses in an online setting in period 2. Please use this link for more information about this procedure and how to apply for it.
    • When you (still) encounter travel restrictions, please contact the Front Office.
  • In case you have already been allowed to follow online education because of housing problems, your study adviser will contact you to assess whether you still need online education.
  • You can still contact your study adviser when encountering housing problems. They will discuss with you options on how to address study delay. As in period 1, one option is joining classes online, but this option will only be granted in exceptional (i.e. very severe) circumstances.

When you are in doubt about what to do, please contact the Front Office via They will inform you what to do.

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