Reminder: call for nominations ‘The Dutch Data Prize’

The Dutch Data Prize is awarded to a researcher or research group who makes extra contributions to science by making research data available for (additional) research. Winners are awarded €5,000 to make their dataset more accessible.

Are you or do you know a researcher or research group at FASoS with a dataset that qualifies for this prize? Send your nominations to no later than Thursday 9 April 2020.

What are the requirements for a nomination?

To be eligible for the Data Prize, the research dates of the entrants must meet the following criteria:

  • The data must be in a ‘trustworthy digital repository’;
  • The data are open access available, or the documentation of the dataset explains why this is not possible and under which conditions interested parties can access the data;
  • The data or the research possibilities that come within reach are of (inter)national importance;
  • The relevant data make it possible to answer new research questions or lead to new answers to old questions;
  • The administrator or depositor of the data has ensured that the data are permanently accessible and usable for others (indicator is, for example, the high quality of the metadata/documentation);
  • The data are used a lot or have this potential.

If you have any questions about the Data Prize, please contact
If you have any questions about the selection within FASoS, please contact

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