The ghost(s) of FASoS

It was 17.30 on a Tuesday evening, Sathya Fixe, social media coordinator, and Tonita Perea Y Monsuwe, student recruiter, were doing their dishes in the little kitchen on the first floor of GG90-92. As they were chatting about what they were going to have for dinner, they suddenly felt a cold wind and noticed their hair was lifted by something. As they looked at each other, their hair fell back down.

“What was that?” Sathya asked Tonita. “Let’s hope it’s not the ghost of FASoS,” Tonita replied.

An anonymous source tells me about the encounters with the ghost she has heard about. “I know of two security guards who refuse to walk this building any longer. One security guard told me that during his shifts, chairs kept being moved around. When he put away a chair, he would suddenly find that same chair back in an entirely different place half an hour later. When he walked the hallways on the ground floor of GG90-92, he heard the chairs being moved around on the first floor, while no one else was in the building.”

“One evening, he lost it. As he was checking all offices for closed windows and doors, he noticed that in one office, which he had just checked, the window was open again. But the door was still locked. He decided to unlock the office and close the window, when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. But there was no one there. He ran out the room, got in his car, drove to his employer and called in sick for a couple of weeks.”

“Another security guard was checking all the rooms, turning off the lights and locking the doors in the B-wing of GG90-92, when he saw that the light in the coffee room was on. When he was done locking up all offices in the B-wing, he went to turn off the lights in the coffee room. As he looked out the window in the coffee room towards the B-wing, he saw that in several offices, the windows were open and the lights were on again. Brave as he was, he went back to the B-wing, closed all re-opened windows and turned off all lights and then decided to end his shift.”

A recruiter at SBE who claims to have ties with the afterlife, came to FASoS once to check out the paranormal activities. As some of you may know, FASoS housed a primary school about a century ago. According to the self-proclaimed psychic medium, there are not one but two ghosts that haunt FASoS. Two children who passed away while they were in school. If you are in the building late at night, you hear them in the hallway on the first floor of GG90-92, running and moving around chairs.

Did you know that the ghost of FASoS was captured in the colourful painting made by FASoS staff?

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