Vincent Cordewener travels the world

A couple of days ago I met with ‘the other Vincent’, Vincent Cordewener, Facility Manager at FASoS. The one who mistakenly receives emails on library services (which Vincent Lagendijk chairs) while he should be receiving messages on facilities at FASoS.

Coincidentally, we met on his birthday. I promised not to mention what age he had turned, but let’s just say he found the sound of it quite daunting. This turn-of-his-life event was a good opportunity to reflect on the life he had had so far.

What stuck with him most when recollecting his past so many years? Definitely his travels, which mostly revolve around nature and animals. He has travelled to many far-away places and Antarctica is the only continent he hasn’t visited yet.

Vincent tells me thrilling stories of when he went to Sumatra to see Orangutans in real life and how he went swimming with whales in Mozambique. His love for travelling started when he went to Australia 18 years ago and explored the country for a year.

His most extreme vacation was one to Tibet. He visited Mount Everest’s base camp at 5500 metres. Before he would make the trip, he was advised to buy oxygen bottles from the supermarket. Ironically enough he did not get sick of the height and oxygen difference when going up the mountain, but rather when he came down. As he descended, he noticed the left side of his face and body had gone numb. He reminisces the hospital visit that was required afterwards as “one of the grossest experiences in his life”. Thankfully, he experiences no lasting effects of this numbness.

His travelling plans this year are the US: he will got to Alaska over summer and booked a trip to California in May. He likes to intertwine one of his other passions in the trips he makes: cars. “Too bad I won’t be visiting California in August”, Vincent says, “when the Monterrey car week is held. During this week, the coolest and most expensive cars in the world are showcased. I would really love to experience this someday.” His passion for cars also showed when he was looking to buy a house: all three cars he owns simply had to fit in the garage. What baffled me most was that he actually found a house that had a garage as large.

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