Webinar on equity between humans and non-humans, on 24 November

On 24 November, from 19.00 – 21.00, the UM Platform Human-Animal Relationships (HARI) and the Centre for Gender and Diversity (CGD) will host a webinar on ‘Diversity in Depth: Equity between Humans and non-Humans in Nature-Culture’.

Participation is free. To register, send an email to lies.wesseling@maastrichtuniversity.nl before 20 November.

“With planet earth at risk, why do you fuzz over gender and diversity issues rather than prioritising current ecological challenges? Is societal discrimination the most pressing problem when humankind’s survival is at stake?” Questions such as these are not uncommon. However, they suggest a false opposition.

Environmental problems and concerns with social equity do not compete with each over pride of place on academic and political agenda’s. On the contrary, they are directly related in that they both feed off a common ground.

In this webinar, Pim Martens and Lies Wesseling will expose this common ground, by revealing how the exploitation of humans and non-humans are both rooted in an instrumentalist conception of nature. They will also sketch the contours of alternative conceptions of the more-than-human world.

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