Workshop ‘Oxygen for the Soul’, on Tuesday 3 December

The UM Wellbeing Movement organises events concerning students’ mental health not only during the Wellbeing Week.

On Tuesday 3 December, actress, singer and musical therapist Ryan van den Akker will give a workshop at UCM called ‘Oxygen for the Soul’.

The workshop in English takes place at UCM at 11.00 in room D2.041. Register here.

The workshop in Dutch takes place at UCM at 15.00 in room D0.033. Register here.

The workshop ‘Oxygen for the Soul’ can help you to experience that you are always performing the main role in ‘The Theatre of life’. That, in the first place, life is all about you and your wellbeing. Your place is central, in full glory. The place were you can express yourself freely, fearless, unsuspecting and in full fantasy, to get people to really listen to you. The stage were the rational is not on number 1 but rather your playfulness, your body, voice and sense of improvisation.

‘Oxygen for the Soul’ is liberating you from the armor in which you are locked up since long; it can free you from your fears, doubts, worries, too much control, and uncertainty. During the sessions very often unsuspected power and possibilities come to light. All of a sudden you do all kind of things you never thought you were able to do. With a lot more guts and humor because there is a lot to laugh about too.

‘Oxygen for the Soul’ is challenging you to discover yourself once and for all. To discover your unknown talents. To stop your inner critical voices who do always know better and are always breaking down your self esteem, so that you withhold to express yourself in full glory.

‘Oxygen for the Soul’ brings up again your shine and shimmer. You will learn to watch and experience things with more ease and playfulness. You will struggle less and enjoy more. You will learn to be the director of your own life, to have the final cut. Oxygen for the Soul is different, challenging , intense, stimulating, hilarious, surprising and completely liberating. A happening  you won’t forget that fast.

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